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To enhance the Socio-economic status of underprivileged women by empowering them with self confidence and required skills to enable them to become independent and contribute to family and society.


26 OCTOBER 2016

Quote Of The Day

Remember, every successful woman was once a victim.                                     

Neelam chaturvedi

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Stories and 


I have heard and seen around the world, but I want to end with the story of just one Kanpur-based young girl, Kusum Singh, who was married at the age of 13 to an abusive illiterate husband,” said Hillary, “At the age of 15, she realised she had no future. She knew if she were to have any hope at all, she had to stand up for herself.”

When selections for community health workers were held, she stood for selection and she won. But to work in the village, she had to take a courageous step, to walk out of her house. She said the biggest challenge in her health care work was to get other women out of their homes and become more active in the life of their community. First two joined, then four, and before your eyes we became a group, she explains. Now she says she has the capacity to mobilise 250 women to walk towards a healthier life.

Hillary also praised the role of non-government organisations in primary health care and family planning services.
— Hillary Clinton
Dear Neelam,
we were so fortunate to be able to work with you, these past week. You have inspired, educated, moved and strengthened us.
— Craig Benjamin (amnesty international)
I can’t really express how inspired i am with the structure and efficiency of your work, and the courage and grace with which you undertake it. you have renewed my faith in the validity of feminist struggle - you are like goddess who have come down off your pedestals to save the world. thank you you for everything you have done
— Laura Mead (legacy officer, Christian Aid, London)
I am so impressed with the wonderful work you are doing. it is extraordinary the effect you are having on women’s lives. you share with Barack Obama a strong commitment to make communities strong. thank you.
— Elizabeth Thornhill (U.S. Embassy, New Delhi)




To form a society based on the principles of love, equality, Justice and free from all kinds of discriminations and atrocities through building and strengthening network of People and their organisations from grass roots to Global level.




About Us



Atrocities against women is widespread and prevalent in India. It is important to address these issues and support troubled women in accessing justice and help them to stand on their feet.

SakhiKendra is a non-profit organization working exclusively with women who faces atrocities and discrimination internally as well as from external world. At SakhiKendra we support and capacitate them to fight for their own rights and work as human rights defenders themselves providing support to other women who are in distress. 

Over the last 34 years we have solved around 20,000 cases and empowered more than 1500 women who once came seeking for aid and are now the change makers themselves.



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