11th year Violence wise & Caste wise data of our Organization [April 2005 to September 2016]

Note: - More than 35000 cases have dealt by our organization from starting period to till date. Therefore, we are presenting 11-year data table, Around 60% cases have solved by our organization during this period.

(1 )  Sharda :

Sharda’s husband was unemployed, drug and alcohol addict. He always used to beat her brutally .so she approached to our organization. After several counseling we motivated her in laws to register their farm, land to name of Sharda. Therefore they could realize and have agree to register their farm in joint name of son and daughter –in-Law.

(2) Seema Verma :

Seema was victim of domestic violence –due to effective counseling her husband realize the needs of concern regarding Seema. So the mindset and attitude of victim’s husband could be changed.

(3)  Ranjana :

Victim was staying in hospital to look after her grandmother. Dr. Dilip who was the owner of hospital called Ranjana in his cabin with bad intensions and raped her. Due to boldness of victim and organizational efforts culprit could get arrested and case is running in legal process.

(4)  Beena:

Marriage of Beena’s daughter was arranged with Pradeep from past one year but increasing demand of dowry she refusedto the knot of their daughter with pradeep and asked for return their gifts and expenses. But Pradeep’s family was not agreed then Beena approached to organization so after effective counseling agreement have done between both parties for return given gifts and amount.

   So this case put an example to raise voice against greediness for dowry.

(5) Vimla Devi

 The applicant told that the salary of her husband was utilized by her son & daughter in law. When she objected of this attitude and demanded her right then she was beaten badly by her husband so somehow she approached to our organization then after effective counseling Vimla devi living a normal life and getting Rs. 5000/-per month pension from her husband.

(6)  Kanti Gautam

Victim along with her children was bearing physical, mental and financial torture by her husband .after tolerating the pains for such a long time with the motivation of E.H.L leaders, Kanti could inculcate confidence firm determination to fight against violence and injustice.

(7) Vijayalaxmi

 Vijayalaxmi got married before 10 years. Till 5 years she spends life with her husband then she came to know about physical impotency of her husband so she raised her voice against this cheating. Then their family members organized a meeting and decision have held that Vijayalakshmi get married with her brother in law without any propaganda. But after some time Satya prakesh is going to remarry with some other she approached to our organization and solve her problem through legal &effective counseling.

(8) Firdous :

Firdous is an unmarried girl .after death of her father, her brothers had made her life miserable .many times her mother along with her brother threw her out after beating her brutally and put blames and black spot on the she approached to the organization .by counseling, her eldest brother was convinced to hand over the power of attorney of house to his sister.

(9) Sakshi:

Sakshi was a young girl and Amerjeet shahi was C.O in Kanpur and very close friend of  her father . Once while sakshi was alone at house he has come to residence with bad intentions and added some narcotic in her cup of tea and when she lost her sense he raped her and took a M.M.S with the intention to blackmail sakshi in future.  Amerjeet Sahi was C.O that’s why administration not supported to Sakshi .So she approached to our organization and our organization sent letters to the chief minister, governor of U.P and to NCW for demand of justice .so after creating pressure on Govt. and administration Amerjeet was suspended and after so many protest police captured him and presented before C.M.M. Court.

(10) Deepmala

 A 22 years old girl returning back to her home after completing her work. Suddenly 2 hoodlums started molest her with vulgar actions. When Deepmala was being molested and facing attempt of rape for about half an hour in the midst of mob, nobody resisted and kept their mouth. Police administration did not take it seriously and registered the report in weaker sections. Our team met with D.I.G but the D.I.G told impossible to alter the sections imposed. 

(11) Paras

 After death of her husband Paras had become desperate about life and lost her mental balance. She always used to shed her tears when her daughters and residence have taken by her sister in was seems to be very difficult to enable her overcome the trauma of the unfavorable circumstances but after getting counseling sessions she realized the need of being bold Courageous to afford her duties towards her daughters .at the same time she came to know about her human rights &property rights and due to motivation by the organization she acquired firm determination to fight against unfavorable conditions.   

(12) Sudha Mamta

 After death of husband she has thrown out from the marital home in pregnant stage. Mamta decided to approach her aunt’s residence so she came from Agra to Kanpur by train before she could left the platform her baggage was stolen by someone .In the meanwhile when she was thinking about the option few young boys gave assurance to help her by offering for lift in their car. She could not get their ill they took her in a lonely place and raped one by one.

          The case was very challenging because the victim was oppresses and destitute without any support of family members. Moreover she was not resourceful to fight for the lot of motivation and assurance for protection has to be given by our team then she open her mouth regarding her exploitation.

(13) Chandrani day

Chandrani who was found in naked stage at Kanpur Bus stand of Jhakarkatti. When our team reached there they came to know that she is not in perfect mental status .our team members have tried to talk to her but it was an unusual case who didn’t respond us. Somehow we manage a cloth to wrap her naked body and admitted in L.L.R Hospital’s emergency ward with the help of police authority.

 (14) Hemu

Hemu was an innocent girl, she was teasing by Chotu & Sonu who have residing in her her father went to Naubasta police station. Police caught these two boys and gave them lesson by some torture and left them with warning but after sometime they again started teasing to Hemu, but at last on 15.9.12 they murdered (burnt) Hemu by putting Kerosene oil on her .If police authorities take this matter seriously then may be Hemu was alive but now Hemu is dead and the accused persons are wandering freely without guilt.

(15) Shabeena

Shabeena was born and brought up in a Muslim family. She had two brothers and three sisters. Shabina’s’s engagement was fixed with a guy named Vasim from the neighbourhood who used to work in a factory. In the week of Eid Vasim came to Shabeena’s house and asked her to marry before Eid but she refused and told him that she would wait for the date that was fixed for marriage which was some days later. By this Vasim got offended and in the spurt of anger he attacked Shabeena in the morning while she was asleep with acid. She screamed with pain. The family tried to catch Vasim but were unsuccessful. Shabeena’s face and features such as eyes, mouth, nose were distorted. She was referred to Sakhi Kendra by someone and with their efforts Dr. Gulati in Kanpur has begun her treatment free of cost. Now there is improvement in her condition and face.   

(16)  Soni

4 years before in rail bazaar, R.P.F. soldiers raped 12 year old daughter innocent girl and then brutally murdered. Sarita was presented in the court in hope of justice that the accused person will get the appropriate punishment relevant to the crime. After continuous movements culprits got arrested and case is still under legal process.

(17) Sapna

Sapna’s mother said that Sapna’s throat was strangled to kill her and after killing dead body was thrown on the roof. This all was done in the greed of dowry.  Since the Uncle of Sapna’s husband was in police department who claimed that this was a case of Section 306 [Suicide]. But with the help of Sakhi Kendra team F.I.R could be lodged under 498A & 304 B with the orders of Magistrate. 

(18) Kiran gupta

 Kiran gupta aged 17 was brutually raped and was nearly killed by the rapist. After lodging the F.I.R, three to four months has passed but the police did not show any interest in arresting the organization has done so many protest, signature campaign against police administration then police started taking action so the result come that now  accused person is in jail and case is running in under process. 

She took participation in the training programs & movement of organization, meeting thus became empowered and got positive direction to build her capacity and improved her skills. She could acquire clear concept on Issues of women rights, domestic violence, and other social problem.

Achievements :

kavita & vandana ke liye dharana1.gif

·        Now she is working as an active women human right defender in her society. She referred many cases to our organization related to domestic violence, dowry harassment as well as contradiction between husband & wife.

·   ·        After effective counseling, her husband has realized their fault and now he is co-operating with Mamta. She is leading a normal happy married life in her marital house.